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Upholstery Cleaning Oldham

As we are trusted by you to do an extraordinary job while cleaning your beloved carpet, why not let us do your upholstery cleaning as well? Your furniture will benefit from a good cleaning as well. This will result in your upholstery being refreshed, smelling and feeling as if they were brand new.

We are using the latest eco-friendly cleaning products which will be able to remove all the hard-to-reach allergens and harmful bacteria from your furniture. Unhygienic furniture in your home is considered to be one of the leading causes of allergies in and around your house. Believe it or not, it only takes a relatively short period of time for dust and grime to build up in your furniture. Your seats, chairs, and couch/sofa as well as your curtains and could be causing a variety of harmful respiratory issues when not taken care off.

Additionally, we are also able to treat your furniture with odor removal products. These products will not only remove all the bad odors but will prevent them from returning over a small period of time as well. This will result in your home smelling as if your whole interior has been brought brand-new!

Let's get started

It all starts with an assessment by us, determining the type and material of furniture that you have and the materials we will need in order to start cleaning. Due to our years of experience, we are able to use the best suitable cleaning techniques to clean your furniture the best way possible.

The majority of the people often believe that leather furniture does not need to be cleaned as often as fabric upholstery. This is a misconception as leather can also attract and maintain hazardous dirt. They can also contain unhygienic particles which can cause bad odors and could be harmful to your health as well.

A cleaner doing the upholstery cleaning on a couch.
Our professional is steam cleaning upholstery in the living room.

Periodic Upholstery Cleaning Benefits

Let’s put all the benefits in perspective when it comes to Periodic Upholstery Cleaning:

  • Stain Removal – with the help of our Upholstery Cleaning Services we are able to remove the most stubborn stains that you can think of. We will be removing the dust, accumulated debris and other unhygienic particles that are hiding in every nook and cranny of your upholstery.
  • Increasing Life Expectancy – by taking advantage of our professional upholstery cleaning services we are able to eliminate problems that will lead to upholstery furnishings, expanding their life expectancy.
  • Apparel – Even the oldest furniture will be looking as good as new once our experienced upholstery cleaners are finished.
  • Bacteria Extermination – By using our Cleaning Services we are able to reduce the risk of allergies, mold and other potential health issues.
  • Smelling Brand-New – Our Specialists will eliminate all the bad odors, ensuring a clean and fresh upholstery, for everyone to enjoy.

Take advantage of our Upholstery Cleaning Services & Additional Services, restoring your furniture, looking like new without the costs of buying it new! 

A cleaned carpet and upholstery in a living room.

We are offering our services for both Residential and Commercial buildings.  Get in touch with us today to receive a FREE quote!


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