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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning hardwood floors has become one of our specialties over the years. Our customers often consider it to be a hard job which is understandable due to the complexity of it. It is however of great importance that wooden floors are maintained with proper cleaning and sealing on a periodic basis.

The misconception that is going around is that mopping and sweeping hardwood floors are enough, but that just won’t do the job as it’s not spotless the surface of your hardwood floor. This requires deep dirt extraction because if not done properly this can result in dirt and allergens settling into cracks and crevices of your floor. To thoroughly clean your hardwood floor we use a specific process that involves rotary brushes including hand cleaning the areas which are hard to reach. Additionally, we use the best sealant coat available to protect your floor from getting deep stains in the future.

The final step of the process will be to restore the shine and color of your hardwood floor, making it dirt proof as well for the upcoming months. This will result in a hardwood floor that smells feels and looks as if it were brand-new.

Hardwood floor cleaning as a service.

How do we clean hardwood floors?

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service can be applied for Residential and Business usage.

1. We first start with performing a thorough inspection which include determining the material and stains at hand. Once determined we are able to choose the best cleaning method for the job.
2. We will proceed with removing as much furniture as we possibly can and vacuum the entire area. Once the dry soil and dirt have been removed we can start with the deep cleaning.
3. Our hardwood floor scrubber will be cleaning your floor, using our special hardwood floor cleaner including hot water to remove all the dirt and stains from your beloved floor.
4. Once done we will dry your floor, making sure there is no chance of water damage to your floor.
5. Completing the final floor inspection with you will be next on the list, making sure you are satisfied with our services.

As an addition, we also offer our maintenance coating, which will help in keeping your floors clean for a longer time. It’s hardwood friendly and we can apply it to your floor once the cleaning has been finalized. Applying this coating will result in extending the amount of time between this cleaning service and future ones.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you are having issues with stains or dirt on your tile and in grouted areas, we are here to assist in solving this problem for you. Most commonly seen is the fact that 95% of grouts have never even been sealed properly. Once the grouts are sealed, we will finish off with applying a special sealant that will help keep your grout lines cleaner for a longer period of time.

When it comes to cleaning your tiles, you have come to the right place.
Our qualified specialists have the experience in cleaning, restoring and polishing all types of tiles and natural stones. This includes ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, limestone tiles, sandstone tiles, granite stone, limestones, terrazzo tiles and many more. Be sure to give us a call to discuss the possibilities. You would be surprised how your floor will look like once we have applied our tile & grout cleaning service.

Hardwood, Tile, Grout, Carpet, it does not matter what type of floor you have, rest assured, we can clean it!

A dirty tile floor that needs to be cleaned.


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