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Curtain Cleaning Oldham

Most home and business owners usually consider curtains as fixtures. They can help regulate the amount of sunlight into your office or home. Curtains also have the ability to controlling the temperature in your home or business, keeping it nice and cool. Curtains can even improve the appearance of the interior of your office or provide a sense of cosines or perhaps improving privacy in your home.

Most people have forgotten why curtains were created in the first place. Curtains are an important feature of your home as they prevent dust from getting into your room(s). In some way, you might even say that curtains help gather all the dust, which means that a regular clean should be considered a must. But please, don’t just put your curtain in a washing machine as this can result in a disaster. Instead, let the experts help you clean your curtains the right way.

A see-through curtain on a sunny day swaying.

Let The Experts Handle This

As mentioned before your curtains actually acts just like an air filter does. It catches the dust and odors right out of the sky, containing it in their fibers. Take a good look at your curtains, search inside the tails, pelmets and swags and you will come to the realization how much dust has been collected over time. Remember how your curtains used to smell like when you first got them? Have a quick sniff and you will find out nasty odors have been settling in your curtains, making them look and smell dirty and stale.

This is where our Curtain Cleaning Experts come into place! DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham is able to clean your curtains on-site, without taking your curtains down, cleaning the curtains, tails, pelmets and swags thoroughly.

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Professional curtain cleaning

The benefits that you will get when using our Curtain Cleaning Service are:

1. Curtains are cleaned whilst hanging on your walls so you will not have to worry about taking your curtains down, let alone getting them up again.
2. We will perform a test to see if your curtains can be cleaned without causing any damage to them.
3. We use special cleaning solutions, eliminating color changes.
4. Then we use special curtain cleaning tools to remove the dust, odors and stains.
5. After that we will use a special protector to help your curtain stay cleaner for a longer time period.
6. Your curtains will be looking, smelling and feeling as if they just came out of the factory.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Cleaning Services or Additional Services as we are happy to assist. We are here to help clean your home!

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