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Carpet Cleaning Oldham

DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham has been your professional local carpet cleaning expert for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. Our Professionals are here to deliver the best carpet cleaning services available for both Residential and Industrial buildings.

Various tests have concluded that our Carpet Cleaning Service removes 95% of common household allergens and bacteria. We only use carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family, your pets and your environment. DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham, leaving your home cleaner and healthier at the same time once done!

Our Carpet Cleaners use a cleaning method called Steam Carpet Cleaning, using a proprietary hot water extraction to clean your carpet. This particular cleaning method allows our experts to safely remove spots, odors and dirt without leaving any residue behind. Additionally, our powerful carpet cleaning equipment will extract all water from your carpet during our cleaning process resulting in your carpet being both fresh, clean and dry within a few hours.

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Commercial and Residential

DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham is your number #1 carpet cleaner near you that has the equipment, which includes our high-end Carpet Washer, to help prolong the life of your carpets, regardless of the type or size of business or residence, making sure it will look and smell brand-new. For commercial carpet cleaning, we offer both our Steam Cleaning Services and our Dry Cleaning Services. We prefer using the Dry Cleaning option for commercial buildings, allowing for a faster drying time with the help of our specialized VLM System. Your business will be up and running again in no time! Hire us now!

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Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Our Team will start by inspecting the rooms that you want to be cleaned and will explain the carpet cleaning process with you.
2. Once discussed, we will move as much furniture out of the way in order to start the carpet cleaning process.
3. We will start off by spot treating any areas that might need extra attention.
4. Once done we will start with the deep cleaning process, pumping hot water into your carpet to release any dirt deep within your carpet, followed by extracting the water and removing the dirt, resulting in a carpet that will be dry within several hours.
5. Last but not least, we will complete a final inspection together with you, making sure you are happy with our services.

Extra Carpet Cleaning Services

Protecting Your Carpet
To extend the life of your carpet, we can apply a special protector that will help prevent damage from dirt and spills. It will also protect your carpet against bacteria. Additionally, it will also defend your carpet against everyday use such as foot traffic and day to day vacuuming. Make sure to ask about the possibilities, especially if you have kids and/or pets running around.

Carpet Odor Removal
Your home can be filled with odors that can be caused by cooking your food, playful children or pets of all sorts. These odors will become trapped in your rug, leaving the odor piling up in your rug’s fibers. This is where our carpet deodorizer can come to your rescue. Our specially designed carpet deodorizer doesn’t mask the odor, it actually removes it by neutralizing its source once applied, leaving your carpet smelling refreshing and clean. Get in touch with us now, the best carpet cleaning company near you!


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