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Rug Cleaning Oldham

Unfortunately, normal cleaning and vacuuming will not keep your rugs free from dust, dirt, and allergens. This is why our team of cleaners from DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham is offering their customers a service to clean Oriental, Persian, Kashmir and many more types of rugs. We have various options to choose from such as Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning.

Your rugs will be cleaned, detailed and groomed, looking as beautiful as ever.

How do we go about it?

  1. We will start by inspecting the rugs you want to be thoroughly cleaned will explain the cleaning process with you.
    2. We will proceed with removing as much furniture as we can to get started with the cleaning process.
    3. We start our rug cleaning service by spot treating the areas which are in need of extra attention.
    4. Once the spots have been treated we can get started. This is where our rug cleaning machines will start with their deep cleaning process, pumping hot water into your rug, releasing any dirt buried deep within the fibers of your rug. Once done it will extract the water and remove the dirt out of your rug.
    5. Our powerful rug cleaning machine will remove most water out of your rug which enables it to dry quickly.
    6. The final stage will be to complete a full inspection with you to make sure all is in good order and you are happy with the service we provided.

For Rug cleaning we also offer protectors and odor neutralizers, expanding your rugs life and keeping those nasty odors away for a longer period!  Please give us a call or get in touch with us using our contact form to make a booking to clean your rug.

A rug in a living room that is cleaned properly by Carpet Cleaning Oldham.

Mattress Cleaning Oldham

DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham, the number 1 carpet cleaner near you is able to thoroughly clean your mattress/bed as well. We are offering this service to our residential customers as well as our commercial customers.

With our Mattress Cleaning Service, you can be assured that stains and spots will be removed, dust mites will be eliminated and bad odors will be neutralized, cleaned and deodorized making your mattress feeling and smelling brand-new.
Once completed you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep on your clean, dust & mite-free mattress. Call now and schedule your appointment!

Air Duct Cleaning Oldham

It’s an easy thing to forget which is why we always try to mention this to our customers whenever we can. Apart from the other periodic cleaning services, know that air duct cleaning is of high importance as well. Let us explain you exactly why that is. The average household can collect up to 50 lbs of dust, dirt and allergens in its air ducts every single year. Once you start using them these are circulated throughout your house which can cause allergies or other health problems to occur. This is why we always remind our customers to not overlook the Periodic Air Duct Cleaning Service that DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham provides. We use a special vacuum to clean air duct and their vents, flushing away dirt, dust and other pollutants out of your air ducts, making your home a cleaner and healthier place to live in.

Get in touch with us today and profit from a clean and healthy home!

An air duct on the ceiling that can be cleaned by our carpet cleaning company.


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